Features – Care and Support App


Features Well Led
Action Plan
Offline Capability on the App
Family Access
Enquiry Management Form
Care Recording
Care Assessment
Care Plan
Client Assignment
QR Code Checks
ABC Charts
Blood Glucose Chart
Bowel Function Chart
Fluid Chart
Food Chart
Monitoring Physical Health Chart
Oral Health Monitoring Chart
Seizure Monitoring Chart
Topical Medication Chart
Turn and Move Chart
Weight Chart
MUST score
Waterlow score
Personal Information Summary
All About Me
Assessment Summary
Intervention Summary
Hospital Passport
Communication Passport
My Risk Management Plan
Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs)
Intervention History
Version Log
Document Library
Incident Log

Features – Audits App

Features Safe
Bed Rails Audit
Care File Audit
Dignity Audit
Emergency Lighting Audit
Fire Alarm Audit
Fire Door Audit
Fire Evacuation Audit
Fire Extinguisher Audit
Fire Smoke/Heat Alarm Audit
First Aid Box Audit
Health and Safety Audit
Home Presentation Audit
Infection Control Audit
Kitchen Audit
Mattress Audit
Meal Time Audit
Medication Audit
Medication Brief Audit
Person at Risk Audit
Pest Control Audit
Room Audit
Slings Audit
Water Testing Audit
Independent Infection Control Inspection
Fire Extinguishers Inspection
Emergency Lighting Inspection
Legionella Inspection
Independent Nurse Call Inspection
Hoists Inspection
Wheelchairs Inspection
Lifts Servicing
Lifts Inspection
Gas Safety Inspection
Electrical Safety Inspection
Fire Safety Inspection
PAT Testing
Independent Medication Audit
Environmental Inspection
CQC Inspection
Add Additional Inspection
Facility Risk Assessments

Features – Reports App

Features Effective
Action Plan
Occupancy Report
Accident and Incidents Report
Slips, Trips and Falls Report
Safeguarding Report
Missed Interventions Report
Missed Appointments Report
User Log In Report
Client Dependency report
Client Risk Report
Missed Audit report
Supervision Matrix
Training Matrix

Features – Policy App

Features Caring
Policy App
Policy Updates
Policy Read Report
Accessible Language

Features – Users

Features Responsive
Admin User
Primary User
Secondary User
Family User
Other User
Read Only Access

Features – Training

Features Safe
Mandatory Training Tick mark
Training Matrix Tick mark
Care Certificate Tick mark
Supervision Templates Tick mark
Supervision Matrix Tick mark
Appraisal Templates Tick mark
Appraisal Matrix Tick mark