Delighted Audit and Compliance Managers

See how the service is running at a glance, including oversight of care delivery, service auditing, supervisions and training, with reports and overview of issues including falls, incidents and accidents.

Audit and Compliance manager at her desk

Excellent Oversight and Analysis

Ensure the service is running smoothly. Monitor and manage action plans, audits, and risk assessments so that you can ensure service compliance. Show analysis and review of issues simply and easily within the App



Policies and procedures based on the latest regulatory and governmental guidelines ensuring that the service is operating on guidelines that are up to date, relevant, and compliant.



Review all actions in one place. Whether they have been added during a supervision, during an audit, or from elsewhere within CAREis, you can monitor, review and delegate actions easily in the App maximizing compliance.


Sharing of information with local authorities, inspectors and CQC is quick and easy in CAREis, with all information in one place, and enabling remote inspections and overview