CAREis can make you instant savings on paper and ink with ongoing savings due to increased staff time and improved staff retention. CAREis could also save you money by bringing different elements under one roof. For instance, do you pay additional for policies, audits or training? If so compare our prices to see how much you can save.

Select an individual module to address your immediate issues, or bundle together to save money.

Care and Support icon for pricing

Care & Support

/ bed / week

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Audits & Inspections

/ service / month
(£90 with any other module and discount for multiple services)

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Policies & Procedures

/ service / month 
(£90 with any other module and discount for multiple services)

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28 mandatory Care Courses
/ user / year
(£36.40 with any other module)
Free online Care Certificate
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Free BNF annually

Family Access available at £10 a month. (Or charge from service with £2.50 rebate) Training videos provided as standard. No additional set up fees. Device Specification available on request. *Discounts applied on multiple services and 50+ beds.