Happy Customers


  • We are able to put information straight in at the time of assessment so that the information is available to the nurses as soon as the person is admitted. This stops duplication, saves time, and ensures that all the information is available. They can then update anything really easily

    Iden Manor

  • Simple, user friendly and easy to use. It’s a key modular system, and less busy and more streamlined than other systems I have seen.

    Phoenix House

  • I find it simple, concise. All the information I need

    SD Care

  • I have found it to be an evolving and receptive system as needs develop.

    Alexandra House

  • Our CAREis rep has been excellent. He is always available to support the team and has taken on board any feedback, and made changes where possible

    Future Health and Social Care

  • The team are personable and approachable.

    Alexandra House

  • We appear to care by our personal approach and frequent verbal/face to face contact Understanding of individual key needs
    Direct and efficient communication

    Tony Rutherford, Healthcare Consultant

  • The set up is straightforward and does not take much time at all

    Future Health and Social Care

  • I found other systems too wordy.

    Tinkers Hatch

  • DoLS is now done remotely and CAREis helps as the information is available in one place. CAREis really helped me when we did a DoLS assessment recently

    Iden Manor

  • I have used the CAREis system recently when conducting a review of needs, I just wanted to express what a fantastic platform it is. From a professional perspective it was very useful. It has given me the ability to explore care needs, review support plans, identify any risks and observe how a service user is and their needs met day to day. The live time function of care notes was also helpful. It clearly shows when all records were updated

    Hannah Jellicoe

    Lead Practitioner
    Sefton Adult Social Care