CAREis can be invaluable in a crisis. Remote access to real time information is essential for managers and owners and with the real threat of being isolated from your service you can keep up to date with the care being provided and ensure that quality assurances processes are being completed on time and accurately.

For relatives who are unable to visit, access to daily notes and pictures can be comforting. The ability to message the service directly from the app is also reassuring. You can set up relative access in the ‘add user’ section. You will need client consent to do this.

Professionals who are unable to visit can be given access to review notes and leave their own notes. Just set them up as a User so they can access the system as long as your client’s consent.

Our support will continue to be with you when needed. Just email us at with any problems. We can remotely access your system, with your permission, and help you with any problems.

Take care and stay safe.