CAREis is designed by people who work in care. Our MD has his own care home, is a qualified nurse, and has worked as a registered manager, an operations manager and a CQC compliance inspector.

To ensure all of the people who work at Intelligent Care Software are aware of the pressures and experiences people who work in care are faced with every day, we make sure that they spend time in the care environment. At least once a year a member of our development team spends around two weeks visiting customers and spending time looking at the use of CAREis in a real environment. We also ask our sales team to spend a couple of days every three or four months in a care home to see how CAREis is being used and to talk with the care givers on a 1:1 basis. This is invaluable experience and helps them to understand the needs of our customers.

Miriam, from our business development team recently spent a couple of days at a 12 bedded dementia care home. She told us how much she had enjoyed the experience, and how good it was to meet and interact with the team, seeing how CAREis benefits them day to day, and gaining useful feedback.

CAREis is designed by people who work in care for people who work in care. This is how we can ensure that it is a system that not only meets your needs, but is easy to use, and makes your life easier. Contact us today for a remote demo, and see how CAREis can make a difference.