CAREis is pleased to announce the launch of our training app as part of the CAREis suite of apps designed specifically to make the running and management of care more person-centred, easier to navigate while improving governance.

There is little doubt that the training and development of care staff is among the most important tools a manager has to improve:

  • the quality of care
  • staff retention
  • compliance

Failure to invest in training and development is almost certain to lead to deterioration in each of the above domains and will result in a service which at best will be adjudged to require improvement.  Skills for care identify 19 mandatory training modules for care staff as well as detailing the update periods which apply to these, e.g. at least annual updates for safeguarding and every three years for record keeping.  Said training needs to be overseen by the manager and proof available to inspectors usually in the form of a training matrix – which CAREis populates for you as staff undertake their assigned training modules:

One of the benefits of this system is that the manager can track in real time what their staff are doing in terms of training while retaining the ability to allocate the training both to meet mandatory training requirements as well as in response to ad hoc training needs which might arise from, for example, an incident.

As well as the mandatory training the CAREis training app provides access to other training modules which support good quality social care provision including dementia awareness, COSHH and mouthcare.

All of the training within the CAREis training app is associated with a CAREis policy within the policy app and as such contributes to a coordinated offering to subscribers.

CAREis training is accredited by the CPD group, so providers can be assured of it quality.