Following the results of the public consultation, the CQCs new flexible monitoring approach is being tested and rolled out across the country.

At Intelligent Care Software we were very pleased to hear that one of our customers was selected to take part in a pilot for the new DMA Inspection (Direct Monitoring Activity). This was a remote inspection, where the inspector had controlled access to the CAREis care management system in order to review care plans, care activity, audits, training and supervision matrices, inspection documents, and policies.

Helen, the registered manager, reported back that the inspector was happy with what she saw and commented that the system was ‘very thorough and in depth’ and she was able to get all the information she needed. The home remained low risk and ‘Good’ in all areas.

Well done Helen and the Team!

To find out more about how CAREis can help you navigate a successful CQC inspection, please contact us for more information or to arrange a remote demo.