So the restrictions were lifted as planned on the 19th July. I received my first text at 8.30am that same morning to tell me that the deputy manager had tested positive. It will not be the last, as the Delta variant sweeps its way through the pubs, clubs, supermarkets, and schools. I am sure some establishments will still insist on face coverings, and many care staff will continue to wear their masks in crowded indoor spaces. It may be wise to be careful and conscientious in these uncertain times, as infection rates continue to rise and ‘Long COVID’ is a threat to those younger folk who are unvaccinated.

We will need to be on top of the latest guidance regarding isolating after coming in to contact with someone who has tested positive. With increasing rates we could see work forces decimated if care staff are forced to isolate, despite negative tests.

With CAREis, you can be sure your policies will be up to date, and you will receive emails with any changes that are made, so that you are always operating your service in line with the latest guidance and legislation. Essential in times like these, where this is changing on an almost daily basis.

If you would like to know more, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.