It’s even more difficult to keep up with the latest guidance, legislation and regulation at the moment. With new regulation and legislation related to COVID changing constantly, the pressures on care services to be up to date are huge. However it is important that they are.

Recent CQC inspections have resulted in many services being warned about poor infection control practices, which in turn can lead to a block on new admissions, fines, or even closure.

Policies and Audits are the bedrock of ensuring your care service is safe and well led. You need to ensure that policies are updated and shared with staff as soon as new advice is received or regulatory guidance is changed. You then need to monitor, through audits, that the new guidance is being adhered to. This informs the way you provide your care and ensures your service is safe.

With the CAREis care management system policies and audits are extremely easy to set up, and you can have them in place and operational in around a day. Policies and audits are then updated by us as soon as advice or guidelines change. All staff will have access to the policy when it is published. Audits are completed electronically, and any actions identified are directed to the responsible person to complete, saving you time, ensuring everything is in one place, and giving you greater oversight of your service.

Easy to implement, easy to use, easy to manage.