We have been talking about the benefits of an electronic care management system from a user perspective and from a regulatory perspective, including during CQC inspections. But there are so many other advantages of using a system like CAREis. Below is feedback from a Social Care Lead Practitioner who recently used our system in Sefton.

‘I have used the CAREis system recently when conducting a review of needs, I just wanted to express what a fantastic platform it is. I am sure it has its user issues as most do but from a professional perspective it was very useful.

It has given me the ability to explore care needs, review support plans, identify any risks and observe how a service user is and their needs met day to day. The live time function of care notes was also helpful.

It clearly shows when all records were updated so this is very important for both myself and I imagine if I was undertaking ‘Best Interest Assessment’ work for my service user being able to go back to the records would be helpful.

It would also be useful from a duty perspective if there was a specific issue arising and it was felt needs could not be met as I would be able to see what has/hasn’t been explored and provide information/advice as appropriate.

I hope more homes within the borough explore similar platforms to enhance assessments and reviews.’

At Intelligent Care Software we are here to help in anyway we can. If you need advice on adopting an electronic care management system, or if you need regulatory advice and support, please let us know.