Policies examples are one of the requests we see most of in the forums for registered managers; for example, people ask have you got a policy for this or that… ?.   Policy forms the backbone of any social care provisions as they identify how staff should behave and what they need to know in any given situation.  This is really important because policies then form the basis on which the activity of the provider is judged, e.g., by the care quality commission or in a court of law when something has gone wrong.  Policy also provides the basis for dealing with staff behaviours such as bullying or the use of social media bringing the organization into disrepute. Montage of different people's way of thinking

All too often RMS and the nominated individuals underestimate the importance of polices and look for quick fixes in online forums.  You will have seen pleas such as “can anyone share their policy on supervision or does anyone have a policy covering the use of mobile phones in the workplace.  All this does is mean that organizations collect policies which do not articulate with each other, they are disjointed and may in places be contradictory.

One good place to look for the content of any policy are government websites such as those used during the pandemic, https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/infection-prevention-and-control-in-adult-social-care-covid-19-supplement, where the RM can quickly gain an overview of what they are expected to do in the form of gov.uk Logonational guidelines.  Alternatively, it is a good idea to have a look at the policy offering from people such as intelligent care software, https://www.careis.net/for-audit-and-compliance-managers/, because getting all of your policies in one place means they work together, there are no inconsistencies, and it is likely that they are more up to date than any single service manager can manage for them self.

RMs who are already pushed for time are all too often spending precious hours and days writing and updating policies under the misapprehension that it is a good use of their time and a money saver.  Here’s why:

  • CAREis don’t believe in complex language and long rambling policies, every policy is written in plain English
  • CAREis has over 220 policies ready to be adopted and adapted to your specific needs
  • Every policy in our suite gets a regular update – so you don’t have to fit this into your busy schedule
  • Professionally written policies aid with compliance
  • All of your staff team have live access 24/7, 365 days a year to policies on their SMART device
  • As a manager you can see who’s read what and so increase compliance within the team 
  • Every policy also comes in Word and can therefore be downloaded and printed
  • CAREis policies are written and updated by subject experts 
  • The CAREis policy suite, compares to the leading players in the field
  • The CAREis policy suite is great value for money
  • CAREis does not tie you in and there are no in-App purchases, what you see is what you get

As well as offering great value and the peace of mind of having a full suite of care policies covering residentialStaff interacting with residents and supported living care, if you use any of our other products, you get policies at a discount.  At CAREis we also pride ourselves on being responsive to your needs, so if you need a policy and we have not got it, and the request is reasonable, we will add it to our suite just as soon as we can – that is often within a day or two.

Still not persuaded? Then drop us an email to arrange a no-obligation chat and demonstration. All demonstrations are undertaken online at a time to suit you and your team and can be recorded for those unable to attend.