We have had six new care services join us in the last few weeks. All of the services have specific needs and alongside the software we have been able to offer regulatory advice and support. We have provided one service with advice on CQC registration, and another two services are using our expertise to help prepare for CQC inspection. We are conducting a mock inspection and paperwork review remotely and when safe, will conduct a unit visit and inspection. All of this is a supportive process, and any shortfalls are discussed with suggestions of how to improve,

As CAREis is a modular product, services have been able to pick and choose what they need, with the option to add other modules later on, if required. Most services have taken on the Care and Support, Audits and Policy. One service has decided to wait to add Care and Support and is starting out with Audits and Policy.

All of our new services have benefitted from remote demos and remote training. CAREis is so easy to use that training sessions only take 15 to 30 minutes. It therefore makes much more sense to do this remotely, keeping everyone safe, reducing the impact on the environment, and meaning we can keep installation and training costs to the absolute minimum. As care home owners ourselves, we know that time is precious and every penny counts!

Contact us at info@careis.net to arrange a remote demo, and join us in the digital care revolution.