The most common areas for ‘Needs Improvement’ following CQC inspections is Safe and Well Led. If your service is not safe, it is assumed that it is not Well Led leading to an overall ‘Needs Improvement’ rating that can hang around for quite a while. And if at your next inspection it remains a concern you could be heading down the enforcement pathway resulting in fines, service stops and, in extreme circumstances, enforced closure.

It is vitally important therefore, that service providers and managers ensure they have a clear overview of their service and are on top of safety issues and any subsequent actions arising. Not an easy task when time is limited and there is so much to do.

A care management system that has an in app audit feature with service reports and action plans makes it much easier and quicker to manage safety concerns. With audits that are easy to complete and everything in one place, you can not only save time but have peace of mind thrown in as well.

See how Helen had a successful CQC inspection using CAREis audits and action plans here.

And please contact us to see how we can help you remain safe and well led with our auditing and action plans, as well as our other modules including Care and Support and Policies.