As you will know visiting, and contact with family and friends is crucially important for the health and wellbeing of the people who live in care services.

The government has recently published updated guidance on visitors. You can read it here.

The Relatives and Residents Association has also put together a really helpful guide that you can read here.

The guidance states four types of visits that are now permitted: ‘Nominated Visitors’ who can visit regularly; ‘Essential Care Givers’, who are nominated by the resident and can offer regular support and companionship; ‘Additional Visitors’ in safe, controlled environments; and, of course, in ‘Exceptional Circumstances’, such as end of life care.

Can you be sure you are meeting the guidelines? And how do you ensure contact is maintained with people who do not meet the set criteria?

With CAREis you will know your policies will be up to date, so that you are working to the latest guidelines. You can also give relatives and significant others access to daily notes and care plans, if consent has been given. The relative can then message the service within the App. Combined with Skype calls, or similar, this can be a welcome insight for people who may not may not be able to visit due to restrictions or location.