One of the first roles of the manager and team leader to be let go when times get busy is that of supervision of staff.  This is a potentially one of the biggest mistakes the manager can make.  If supervision serves the purpose of maintaining and improving standards of care, then it’s importance in the care setting is especially clear at times of greatest stress.

supervision is about the relationship between an experienced individual and a less experienced individual (supervisor and supervisee) such that the supervisor can direct and support the learning of the supervisee

Care providers where supervision is undertaken regularly, are among those providers who have the best retention of staff because staff feel valued and through supervision have a good understanding of what is expected of them in work and why it is important. Supervision is also highly beneficial at times of high staff stress, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, when it is used not only to impart knowledge and skills, but also as a means of providing support and reassurance to staff. Supervision done properly will develop staff confidence and enable them to develop as people and professionals.

Benefits of supervision • Staff feel supported • Staff enabled to develop professionally and personally • Staff develop clinical skills and abilities • Staff increase in confidence • Staff, and managers, are less stressed • There is less sickness and absence • Retention is better

There is a requirement within social care National Minimum Standards that staff are supervised at least every 2 months in the care homes and 3 months in domiciliary settings.  Supervision is also a good time to review staff knowledge and understanding of core elements of the role including important issues such as understanding mental capacity and safeguarding.   In some settings supervision is also used to undertake formal competency assessments with staff all of which need to be demonstrated to the CQC and other regulators at inspections.

CAREis provides the perfect supervision recording solution with the ability to share supervision notes between the supervisor and supervisee as well as other members of management via the supervisions App.  Not only that, but the supervisions matrix, enables the manager to keep an eye on the progress of supervisions within the team and demonstrate compliance in real time.  Supervisions are part of the CAREis training App which includes all of the mandatory training as well as appraisals – both with attendant matrices to monitor and prove compliance.